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Galeri Art Point is the publisher for art books as well as artist cards (postcards) and art prints. A wide range of artist cards (postcards) (more that 100 types), featuring the excellent paintings of renown Asian artists whose works reflect the quintessence of Malaysia, the lifestyles of the various ethnic communities, scenic landscape, heritage buildings, familiar sites and corners of the old town, festivals and cultural activities, womenhood ...




RM 2. 50  (US$ 0.70) per  postcard
( retail price)

RM 15 (US$ 4) per set
(6 postcards with folder)

RM 1. 50  (US$ 0. 50)per bookmark ( retail price)

One set of 10 bookmarks cost
RM 15 (US$ 4) perset

Art Prints
is dependable upon size of artprint .

High quality premium artist canvas / artist water colour paper

Art Book

Yuen Chee Ling- Portraitures, Sketches and Paintings 1966-1999 

Hard cover , 169 pages with 219 colour plates

RM 180 per copy  ( US$48)

* The above are not inclusive of postage/ delivery charges.



Yeong Seak Ling- Baby Cot series ( size: 6in x6in)


Yeong Seak Ling- Kampung life series ( size: 6in x6in)

 Yuen Chee Ling- Nyonya series

Yuen Chee Ling- Native Women series

Batik -Malaysian culture

                                                                                Postcards that reflect the quintessence of  Penang - heritage buildings, old walls, windows ethnic cultures...

Mother's Love Postcards -size 6in x6in ( 10 types) Echoing Grassland- Chen Jiqun Yuen Chee Ling- Portraiture, sketches and paintings 1969-1999  Bookmarks- Women Art  for Peace and Harmony ( 40 types)