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The Focal Point For ART

The most profound of creations by artists from all directions come to form the finest collections of art for your appreciation and enjoyment at Galeri Art Point. The gallery showcases a wide selection of paintings by local and international artists.

Welcome to the realm of art at the Galeri Art Point.


We provide the following:

  • Original paintings by new, established and international artists

  • Space for holding exhibition

  • More than 100 types of Art Prints/Postcards for your selection

  • Art books and art catalogues

  • Framing for artworks and artprints

  • Manage and organize art exhibitions art auction and related cultural activities




Yeong Seak Ling, Kampung Life Series2281105 (2005)
oil on canvas , 31x31in
杨淅麟 [马来乡村系列-摇篮],油画

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Yuen  Chee Ling, Nyonya Ensemble, Oil on canvas (2005)
源子玲  [ 娱] 油画



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