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Art Happening in Penang !


Award Winning Artist from Shanghai  shows his works in Penang

May 4 to 18 2007
@ Galeri Art Point

Ni Youyu Exhibition



Women’s Art towards Peace, Harmony and Unity

Large painting created by 29 women artists in commemoration with
the Launch of WDO Culture & Art Bureau on 3 March 2007

Woman by Women
Paintings by
11 women artists

3-28 March @ Galeri Art Point, Penang
14-28 April @Shian's Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur




Woman By Women

author- Yuen Chee Ling

Essay - Woman by Women" by Yuen Chee Ling

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Europe Asia University  

is a privately-funded Chinese medium institution. It was registered in Luxemburg as non profit organization . Europe Asia University  registered in Saipan of the United States Commonwealth offers Master of Fine Art  Degree courses  for artists and art enthusiasts.


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(关于欧亚大学艺术硕士课程 - 点击浏览)



EAU students participated in the public Art project conducted by Jason Koh at Galeri Art Point.

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HER PRESENCE IN  COLOURS VI-Korea 2006 - International Women Artists Exhibition  held at Daegu Cutural & Arts Center on 26-1st October 2006 was a great success.  145 women artists from various regions of the world exhibtied their works under one-roof. 

( More information accessible  website:



International Seminar on Natural Dyes Art  cum workshop -  Daegu, Korea

held at Museum of Natural Dye Arts, Daegu , Korea 27 September 2006 was one of the related events of Her Presence In Colours VII- and researchers of Natural Dyes from Taiwan, Japan and Korea were invited as the speakers. The participants are women artists from various region of the world.

women artists atteneded the itnernational natural dye seminar cum workshop at Museum of Natural Dye Art, Daegu, Korea

www.penang-artists. com 
provides the following info:

> The famous Penang artists. 
> what is happening in Penang art scene? 
> Essays about the development of art in Penang and Malaysian  by art critics and art historians
>list of over 300 Penang artists


Yeong Seak Ling,
Kampung Life
Series 081106 (2006)
oil on canvas , 31x31in

杨淅麟 [马来乡村系列-摇篮],油画


Yuen  Chee Ling,
Chap Goh Meh II
Oil on canvas (2005)

源子玲  [ 元宵夜 系列 之二 ] 油画


Interested in the original paintings?
Galeri Art Point ( main)
at Sunny Point Complex,
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah , Penang.
( Opposite USM )

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featuring the artists and artworks of the members of  ArtGrup-Penang

established in 2003


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About Her Presence In Colours Exhibtiion I- VII-
featuring the artworks of women artists from Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam.....



Contact us:

Galeri Art Point 艺梵画廊- (Main) Lot 8-G-4, Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700 Penang Tel: +604-6590248 , +604-5375388 , H/P: +6  016 404 6116
 Galeri Art Point  艺梵画廊- (Branch) 46 & 48, Jalan ChowThye , Burma Square, (off Burma Road) 10050 Penang , Malaysia. Email: , Website:

Opening hours: Gallery opens daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm except Sunday. Entrance is FREE. Please contact Tel. 04-659 0248 for further information.


Coming Exhibition !! Siti's Diary & Beyond...

Ni Youyu Exhibition 2007 

An art exhibition entitled:  “Ni Youyu Exhibition 2007”  presented by Xiao En Cultural, University of Europe Asia and Conservatory of Fine Arts will be held at Galeri Art Point (Main Gallery) at  8 -  G – 4 , Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700 Penang, on 4th  to 18 th May 2007.  Dr. Tan Chong Guan,  a prominent art collector cum Committee Member of the Penang State Art Gallery has kindly consented to officiate the opening on 4th may 2007 at 6.00pm.

This is the first solo exhibition of Ni Youyu in Penang. A number of 20 selected classical works of Ni You yu will,be on display.

Ni Youyu (originally name NiJi ), was born in Nov.1984 in Ganzhou. Jiangxi Province. His ancestral home was in Shanghai.  He enrolled at the Fine Arts College, Shanghai University Chinese Painting Department in 2003.

Ni Youyu is the recipient of numerous awards in paintings and literature including the National Awards for Literature- 2000 & 2003,   Excellent Prize and Shen Roujian Prize. For China Young Artists Exhibition (2005), Shanghai Outstanding Artists  Awards (2006) .

Youyu’s Chinese paintings has captured the hearts of many. With simple Chinese ink and brush techniques , he focuses on traditional genre as subject to express his thought and feelings  as a young artists in China.  Yuyou’s  perception and sense of humour opens unknown perspectives pushing further the limits of contemporary Chinese ink painting.

An Art talk and interaction: “Transformation form Traditional Genre to Contemporary Art” will be held on the same opening day at The aim is to promote a better understanding of the development of contemporary Chinese Painting and to encourage cultural interaction through art.


“Siti’s Diary & Beyond” was successfully held at Galeri Art Point (No: 46 & 48, Jalan Chow Thye, 10050 Penang) on 15th December to 29th December. This was the first solo exhibition by Siti Mariah Jackson, a Malaysian female artist who now resides in Champaign, USA.
 Click here to view photos of opening ceremony 

Publication: On the Island: An Artistic view of Mehta’s Vineyard

On the Island: An Artistic view of Mehta’s Vineyard published by Spotlight Press, USA  features the water colour paintings of Billy Morrow Jackson and Siti Mariah Jackson. Authors : Billy Morrow Jackson and Siti Mariah Jackson.

To purchase please contact Galeri Art Point

Woman by Women
Paintings by
11 women artists





An Art Exhibition entitled: “Woman by Women”  featuring the selected artworks by 11 women artists  will be held at Galeri Art Point, Penang from 3th March  to 28th March. The exhibition, jointly presented by Women Development Organization of Malaysia (WDO) and Conservatory of Fine Arts is  to commemorate  the International Women's Day (8 March) and to launch the Art and Culture Bureau  of the Women Development Organization (WDO).

The aims are to foster the awareness of women’s art and to provide an access to the voice of Malaysian women artists on this special occasion in an effort to encourage women to express their honest self through art.

The exhibits on display are the selected paintings by 11 leading and emerging Malaysian female artists, namely Yuen Chee Ling, Siti Mariah Jackson, Elsie Lee, Joy Wu, Yoon Sook Fong,  Chiou Ling Chyi, Lee Hui Lan, Zuzila Zain, Nurhayati Md. Yusoff,  Lo Min Wei and Teh Ee Ming.   

Their works that focus on women as the subject reflects the innermost sensibilities and thoughts of the individual women artists and the female sensibilities related to life, art and aesthetics.

“Women by Women”  Exhibition will be continued at  Shan’s Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur on 13 -28 April


Launching of the WDO Culture and Art Bureau in Penang - 3 March 2007

“All Women Paint Together On the spot” - Large Scale Painting

The launching of the WDO Culture and Art Bureau in Penang on 3 March 2007 was highlighted with an exhibition by a  special event - 29 women artists cooperated to create one large painting. The theme of this large size painting is – “Women’s Art towards Peace, Harmony and Unity”. The aim is to encourage a cooperative spirit amongst the women through creativity and to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

 29 female artists, art students and amateurs joined hand to create the big painting. Besides the 11 participants of the Woman by Women exhibition, the others  Datin Paduka Dr. Tan Yee Kew, Lee Hoi Har, Tan Kar Yen,  Tan Sook Boon , Yeap Siew Eng , Woon Gaik Wah, Fong Lee Li, Low Sok Jong ,Wong Mooi Kuan, Mary Lin Mei Nu,  Ang Ting Kean , Angeline Choo , Amy Low Chien Chin, Eg Khar Eng , Beh Joo Gaik , Chai Siew Hiong, Ch’ng Mei Yen, Oung Shao Phing and Yew Swee Wah

Publication:  “WOMAN BY WOMEN”

On the same opening day there was a book launch:  “Woman By Women” . The writer Yuen Chee Ling  currently serves as the  President of the International Women Artists Council. Phd in Art  Unversiti Sains Malaysia.

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