Since its establishment in 1987, Conservatory of Fine Arts (CFA) has been the pioneer in the planning of many successful art education programs like Art Camp, Creative art workshops and Outdoor painting/ Drawing activities, Art education seminars cum workshop for art instructors.

Managed by a group experienced local and international art professional and educationalists, CFA has developed a comprehensive Creative Art Programmes for nurturing individual creativity and artistic impulse. The aim is to foster growth and development of the mind and spirit of learners of all ages and walks of life.



Creative Chidren Art is a 3 months comprehensive art training program for children 4 to 10. The aims are to foster imaginative, intellectual growth and creative ability of children through art activities. This programme introduces innovative approach for the training of painting, drawing, clay art, 3D objects, printing making and design so as to help your child to acquire the developmental skills necessary to help him/her to learn and discover more in the future.


The instructors are well trained professionals for Creative Children Art. The education board of CFA provides teaching handbook for the instructors so as to ensure a consistency and continuity of the development of each individual student.

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^Learning Through Art ̄ C
Registration fee is waived for the first 50 students

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Fee ( per pac)


Innovative Art and Craft


2 hours x 12

sessions. Total: 24 hrs

Delightful art

projects that enrich children creative experience

  Paper art-mask

  Eco Craft- paint with colours from nature

  Creative clay, modeling experience

RM 450

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Creative Drawing & Painting



2 hours each x 12

sessions. Total: 24 hrs

Painting & Drawing skills through  Story telling, Play & Music

Developing the

techniques in image making using colours, lines, shapes and words.

RM 450

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  For further enquiry : 604- 6590248 or mobile: 0125726116  Email: cfaapt@yahoo.com; artevent2010@gmail.com