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Penang as the cradle for Malaysian art and a historical city has long been a attraction for art lovers. Galeri Art Point is attached to Conservatory of Fine Arts (a reputable art institution established in 1987). A full palette of visual arts education from full time/ part time training courses for art and design to short term art workshops from one-day instruction to 10 sessions workshop, for beginners and advanced students, for young and seniors alike Conservatory of Fine Arts meets the needs of those wishing to expand their creative horizons.

The Creative Art workshops provide intensive art immersion opportunities for all levels of experience. They are designed to allow quality time with an artist of national repute - a master of his or her chosen medium. Demonstrations, lectures, individual attention and group discussion are included in each art workshop.
These workshops offer the perfect opportunity to discover, uncover or recover your creative self.

Water colour Painting -
Yeong Seak Ling
Introduction to the various techniques and approaches in water colour painting. Hands-on session to experiment with the techniques of wet-on-wet and Chinese water colour painting












Chong Fat Tse  Mansion, water  colour on paper.

"window series"





Yuen Chee Ling's Batik Painting- "caring"

Batik Painting
Yuen Chee Ling
Slides presentation on Malaysian Batik Art. Demonstration and hands on session - the process of making batik.
Students will be guided to create  batik painting & crafts.

For further details please click Batik Courses


Oil Painting/ Acrylic Painting

Studio Art for oil painting and other mediums for aspiring artists, amateurs.  Classes are conducted by experienced professionals


Oil painting class



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