Dec   2009
Heritage Penang-

To discover the original paintings on Penang Heritage theme created by 16 local and international artists at Galeri Art Point @ 46 & 48 Jalan Chow Thye, Penang commencing 18th of December  Artworks by local masters at affordable price ... Also, visit the recent small works by Yeong Seak Ling and discover a series of exclusive Postcards and Artprints on Penang heritage sites and Malaysia life.

You are welcome to Galeri Art Point @ Jalan Chow Thye to enjoy this particular collection. Website:


邀集16位当地和国际的著名艺术家,在46 & 48, Jalan how Thye展出他们以槟城古迹建筑为题的艺术作品。

May & Jul 2010
International Art Exchange & Shanghai World Expo Tour-

ArtGroup International is established with the belief that ART transcends beyond all barriers of culture, ideologies, differences and conflicts" , therefore, its mission is to promote global peace, harmony and progress through art .

ArtGroup International in collaboration with the Shanghai International Artists Exhibition- Shanghai 2010 will be held at the Bund Museum commencing May 31 to June 3 2010. This event in commemoration with the Shanghai World Expo aims  to provide a platform for artists , art lovers and collectors from different cultures to meet face to face , to exhibit, to buy or to sell as well as and to interact with one another.

 The participants are a number of 20 renowned artists from different countries. They will be at Shanghai during the exhibition, to take part in outdoor sketching session at the Bund, visit the important art and cultural  centers of Shanghai...and attending art conference at Shanghai Normal University...

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Jul 2010
Excellent Young Artists - Malaysia 2010-

A competition cum exhibition organized by ArtGroup International ( aims to provide a platform for emerging artists to expose their works a wider audience and to prepare the emerging artists for entry into a global market.

The competition is open to Malaysian Artists of age between 18 to 40. Judging for the Excellent Young Artists - Malaysia 2010 Award/Exhibition is done online by a panel of International Judges. A webpage will be provided for the purpose of online judging of 500 selected best works.

The top 3 winners will be awarded with a cash prize plus a 1-month Artist-in-Residence in a country outside Malaysia . Selected artworks created by 100 artists in the list of finalist will be on displayed at the Penang State Art Gallery commencing in the first week of July 2010.

If Interested to apply for entry please contact
ArtGroup International @ Galeri Art Point Tel: 604-6590248 (Yoke Lean )
or visit webiste:


ArtGroup国际(组织的目的是为新兴的艺术家提供一个平台,给马来西亚年轻的艺术家创造机会,让他们的作品受到更广泛的观注。 如有兴趣申请,请联系 网址

May/July, 2010
China -Malaysia Women Artists Exchange Exhibition

40 Women Artists from Malaysia & Shanghai will exhibit their works together to promote friendship & cooperation amongst women artists of Shanghai and Malaysia. The same exhibition will be held at 2 venues:
a) May 31 - Jun 4 @ Shanghai Normal University Art Gallery
b) July 6 -10 @ Adiwarna Gallery, Univeristy Sains Malaysia (USM)

The above Exhibition initiated by Malaysia Women Art Association and International Women Artists- Shanghai ( INWAA-Shanghai) is now an official event under the banner of Shanghai World Expo and the official organizer are the China Women Federation of Shanghai and the World Expo Coordinating Board.

To view more or to download the registration form, please visit website: website:


a) 上海师范大学美术学院——无形画廊/2010年定于5月30日-2010年6月3日。
b) 马来西亚槟城理科大学美术院画廊/2010年7月6日-2010年7月10日。
此展览是由马来西亚女艺术家协会和国际女艺术家(INWAA -上海)发起的2010上海世博会协正式项目,由中国妇女联合会和上海世博会协调委员会主办,并获得了两国众多民间组织的支持。


Artist-In-Residence Program 2010

The Artist Residency Program 2010 is included as highlight event of the coming Art International Penang 2010. This event is to continue the mission of Art International Penang 2009 to foster the awareness of art and culture in Penang and to promote a new concept of global art market for economy growth & progress.

ArtGroup International has established AIP Artists Exchange Program for the purpose promoting international exchange and collaboration amongst the artists, galleries and art institutions of different countries. The Artist Residency Program 2010 aims to enable the artists a valuable cultural experience while living and create in an environment outside their own country; To encourage the creation and production of new works and sharing of expertise and to allow international exposure for artists who specializes in different media.

Appeal for sponsorship/Partner
In order to make this event a successful reality, your support to become the main sponsor or to sponsor any amount ?would greatly be appreciated.?
The resident artist will reciprocate by presenting at least one of his artwork to the sponsor

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